Ying Feng International Shipping Super upgrade profile:

① Ying Feng International Week Week rebate winning or losing is not calculated from the original 38,888 yuan to upgrade the maximum limit: unlimited;

② surplus in international bank card transfer money times and can be upgraded up to 1.2% from the original 588 yuan to: unlimited;

③ Goodrich international live video, only won awards from the original 88 yuan to upgrade: 588 yuan, higher challenge;

④ Goodrich international birthday gift 188 yuan complimentary, remains unchanged, truly blessed, true gift;

⑤ Ying Feng International for VIP members enjoy privileges will be upgraded to five: Ten privileges, promotions without limit;

⑥ Goodrich international support members unlimited number of withdrawals, free all-day, unlimited amount, 5 minutes rushed arrival;

After ⑦ Goodrich international upgrade and facelift, also will be heavy launch: Get a big phone Iphone truth;

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Everton official declared: signed former German international Hitzlsperger

Hitzlsperger former German international, for the German team played over 52 times, and the 2006 World Cup in Germany, also in the Premiership a long period of service, and the former Aston Villa have left him Ham United footprint. Everton official announcement, the team officially signed free agent Hitzlsperger, the 30-year-old midfielder is a former German international, when speaking of summer this year, and the contract to the Bundesliga team Wolfsburg after the waiting period of employment until now. Bilateral and did not enter into long, Hitzlsperger and Everton contract until January 31, 2013 expiration.

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Soccer Referrals: Sao Paulo Availability extend down to relegation

Especially at home, and now they get a stunning performance of 12 wins, one draw and two losses. Although the performance and status of the two teams have a very big gap, but in the ball half the disc, the home team will not pour hot Referrals: Sao Paulo Qiuban confidence index: ★★★★★ Recife Sports VS

Uniform Europe lost: 1.96 3.31 3.51
Aocai Handicap: 0.98 hemisphere 0.84

Pakistan A purposes to thirty relegation underdog momentum is still not bright and cheerful of. They demand relegation rivals who got the score, so the success of growth myself weaken the opponent’s goal advantage. However, in recent years, with the number of strokes more players runaways and other team’s rise was a result of not landing in Sao Paulo slowly come. The away team is likely to win the opponent in a satisfactory state of mind, so thorough ashore.
This is not really hinder Sao Paulo still remains a force strong team. On a two-goal defeat at home to after this, he has won three in a row of good performance. Until the last game to beat the Brazilian international was stopped after this losing streak. Sport Recife and the relegation zone and have a gap of eight. From the war that the home team thicker. In the contest of the first cycle, the visiting team has previously defeated the home team. In recent years we are not able to enter the ranks of the top three.

Referrals: affected hemisphere confidence index: ★★★★ Patagonian sports competition performance this season is very bad, now in Pakistan A ranking bottom, besides integrating low, basically living in the relegation hopeless situation . From this perspective because this is not optimistic about the home team to win this publicity Handicap.
But the visiting team and there is no absolute ashore, because they say there is a desire to win.override the home team in the rankings 3, also has a very integral gap.
Sao Paulo VS Patagonian Plains Sports Competition

Uniform Europe lost: 1.28 4.89 9.18
Aocai Handicap: 0.84 0.98 Qiuban

Sao Paulo is a wealthy past Pakistan A team, this team out a lot of people heard the chanting of the players, their performance has been in Pakistan A it is also very good. Moreover, they are also very health depends on a leader who is in almost upset. On the one hand the visiting defense but poor performance is certainly not bad, then from the comparison to a seasonal point of view, not as good as the home team visiting team. Because this is now all in the gaming business based team relegation campaign, this is actually the basic incompatibility of the sign face.

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Soccer Referrals: Fluminense lay the key battle Kelidiba bad situation

Referrals: Kelidiba Rangban Yi confidence index: ★★★★ little wisdom for the visiting very much desire a home team win the expected number is increasing. Then the home team will not overheat it, change the value from the gaming business point of view has not been so much the direction of development, its changes are still relatively moderate. So the home team the momentum should be a little better.

Kelidiba recent three consecutive victories, the will to fight and the situation does not depend on, so a visiting team away insects, and no relegation pressure, it is possible to lose a. Until now the home team has been leading on points more than Gremio 11 points, which is actually showing the away team has been left behind in the title race team. On the one hand tighter schedule anxious, on the other hand the title race and relegation way more Aspect. For this to say from the will to fight, Fluminense has a winning requirements. The away points than the home team high, but typical of the insects away, at almost the same thing ranking status tis the home team to make the ball half Moreover, low water Handicap visiting team’s seen combat force really can not flattery. Note that the only value when Wade enterprise, sub-plate on the plate water level fell directly within the space 70, where the intention is really to guess, do have a lot of money to buy the home team? If that is so, the primary wins can expect a further fall.

Ranking first round Fluminense sits at home against third-ranking Gremio inevitably attracted everyone’s concern gaze.

Referrals: Fluminense hemisphere confidence index: ★★★★

Kelidiba VS Recife navigation

Uniform Europe lost: 2.20 3.17 3.20

Aocai Handicap: half a 0.82 1.00

Kelidiba and Recife are sailing seeding midstream team.
Fluminense VS Gremio

Uniform Europe lost: 1.89 3.29 3.82

Aocai Handicap: 0.88 hemisphere 0.94

Brazil Serie purposes of the third round on October 1. But unique place very bright.

Gremio in the final round when the draw was, apparently will allow them to further lose some confidence. Although the home team many points leader, but in the next game to rank second in the Mineiro away against direct conversation, if the home team defeat in this round, it is likely in the next round against Mineiro after this lapse of eight gap will smooth. However, competition in this field is still very close all meaning.

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